Our Realisations

Cortical Nights

SFX cubes for Loris Gréaud's new exhibition, Cortical Nights
14 November 2023/by Ruben Carrion

Pilon Fight Event

Quand les effets spéciaux préparent le combat
30 January 2018/by JYP

Elektric Park – France

Special effects from the new festival created by Joachim Garraud
26 September 2017/by JYP

Kungs – Le Liberté à la Plage – France

Free Electro Festival on the Beach of Mourillon in Toulon
14 September 2017/by JYP

Fight Night Saint-Tropez – France

Special effects for the Kickboxing world championship and charity gala evening inside the Citadelle of Saint-Tropez.
18 August 2017/by JYP

The Unplayed Notes Factory – Venice

Art exhibition by Loris Gréaud on the occasion of the 57th Venice Biennale
18 May 2017/by JYP

Fantastic Trap’House – France

Special Effects for the 15th attraction of Parc des Combes
14 May 2017/by JYP

Inox Park 7 – France

The Special Effects of the Electro Music Festival in France
3 September 2016/by JYP

The Land of Legends – Turkey

The fairy effects of the central place in the park
29 August 2016/by JYP

Puy du Fou – France

The special effects of the parc's new attraction of 2015
30 June 2016/by JYP

Zero Gravity – United Arab Emirates

Impressive special effects for this prestigious and select club!
15 February 2016/by JYP

Dubai Ice Rink – United Arabs Emirates

Snow on the biggest Olympic skating rink of Dubai!
2 February 2016/by JYP

Moskvarium – Moscow

Special effects for an aquatic show in an indoor pool.
30 December 2015/by JYP

Universal Exhibition – Italy

A 4D Cinema for an anamazing cinematographic experience
30 April 2015/by JYP

The Han Show – China

The effects of one of Franco Dragone’s greatest spectacles!
30 August 2014/by JYP

CCTV Finals – China

A mythical TV show using UE Special Effects in China!
30 December 2013/by JYP

Night Fresco – Quebec

Light, audio, music and special effects unite to revive the great moments of History.
30 June 2012/by JYP

Krakatuk Circus – Russia

Modern Circus show with on-demand special effects
30 December 2009/by JYP